Why Update WordPress Plugins

How often do you update your plugins? For many of us, this is a task that gets pushed down our list of priorities. It is too easy to think we’ll do it later when we get more time, isn’t it?

Yet this task is more important than you may realise. Plugin updates are not merely released to improve or enhance them. They are often released to resolve a vulnerability that has been found. If you don’t immediately update your plugins, your website could be vulnerable to attack. There is also a risk your site could be exploited by someone if it does not have the latest updates installed.

Hence why you should check the plugins you have on your site, and see whether there are any outstanding updates for them. Making this a priority is all about making the security of your website a priority too. I’m sure you will agree this is a priority, so you can see the clear link between security and plugins.

Of course, if you run your business alone, you probably have plenty of daily tasks you need to get done. The security of your website is an important part of this, but if you find you rarely get around to ticking this box, it might be worth hiring an expert to take care of updates and security issues for you. The peace of mind you get from knowing your website is fully up to date and safe isn’t something you can put a price on.

It also means you are free to handle the parts of your business you cannot easily outsource to other people. Plugins can transform a good website into a great one, but they can also open pathways of vulnerability if they are not kept up to date.

Our WordPress care plans take the hassle out of you keeping your plugins and WordPress website up to date. We can look after your website, whilst you focus on your business.


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