YOWInternet.com launches a new YOW Portal to take on the big city web design agencies

YOWInternet.com, a Wiltshire based web design agencies, launching a new product called YOW Portal. It’s all about improving internal and external communication of project management. As a web design agency, YOW Internet has been using WordPress for years to communicating asynchronously. It’s a place to onboard customers and sharing long-form posts. However, with the need to adapt during the global pandemic, to find the best way to work remotely, YOW developed its new project communication portal. Project communication, especially when working remote, can get messy with too many members, overlooked messages, and technology failure.

What is YOW Portal?

YOW Portal is built on top of WordPress. It easy to discuss project details with public or private discussion threads. You can also set milestones and share project files and assets.

Need to get everyone on board? Create and share one-time or recurring project-specific events with your team and clients, which will be automatically added to their calendars.

Why use YOW Portal?

The YOW Portal project list gives you a birds-eye view of all current projects and their progress status, so you never miss a beat.

You’ll be able to take your project organization one step further with hands-off task management. Assign tasks, track which ones are in progress, see which ones are done, review them, and mark them as complete.

What are the benefits of the YOW Portal?

Clients get accurate billing with the YOW Portals time tracking feature to measure the time taken to work on specific tasks. It automatically calculates the total hours and cost, so you can track productivity.

The advanced accounting software built into the portal helps you create and send invoices to clients assigned to specific projects with auto calculations. And now introducing invoice online payments via credit cards and PayPal, making it quick and simple for customers to pay.

YOW Portal enables us to take on the big city web design agencies by offering a higher level of personal services. Ready to get started with your new WordPress project? Discuss projects, assign tasks, share files and create events, all in one with YOWPortal.com


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